Project Events

HISCAP First Virtual Meeting 17th September 2020


Welcome speech by Mr. Virginijus Sinkevičius, EU Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries

Neringa and CupCup

Estonian Deposit Refund System, PlastaAB, HISCAP

Project Kick-off Meeting 28th October 2019

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European Bioplastics Research Network Event No. 1 - 24th June 2020

Here you can find all presentations and a collection of questions & answers from the first European Bioplastics Research Event, organised virtually on the 24th June by HAW Hamburg.


  1. “Bio-based Plastics Research and Innovation Ambitions of European Commission”, Dr. Silvia Maltagliati, European Commission

Silvia Maltagliati.pdf

  1. “View of Bio-based Plastics Research and its European Funding from a Networking Perspective”, Christian Schulz, EUROPEAN BIOPLASTICS e.V.

Christian Schulz.pdf

  1. “Policy Research and Bio-based Plastics at the Institute European Environmental Policy (IEEP)”, Dr. Andrew Farmer, IEEP

Andrew Farmer.pdf

Session 1: Past HORIZON 2020 Projects

  1. Lessons learned from BIO4SELF “Bio-based Self-Reinforced Composites Based on PLA” , Dr. Guy Buyle, CENTEXBEL, Spain

Guy Buyle.pdf

  1. Lessons learned from POLYBIOSKIN, Maria-Beatrice Coltelli, INSTM-UNIPI, Italy

Maria-Beatrice Coltelli.pdf

Session 2: Current HORIZON 2020 Projects

  1. BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE “Sustainable Solutions for Bio based Plastics on Land and Sea”, Dr. Jelena Barbir, HAW HAmburg, Germany

Jelena Barbir.pdf

  1. SEALIVE “Strategies of Circular Economy and Advanced Bio-based Solutions to Keep our Lands and Seas Alive from Plastic Contamination” , Miriam Gallur Blanca, ITENE, Spain

Miriam Gallur.pdf

  1. ECOXY “Bio-based Recyclable, Reshapable and Repairable Epoxy Composites”, Dr. Aratz Genua, CIDETEC, Spain

Aratz Genua.pdf

Questions & Answers