Project Events

Project Kick-off Meeting 28th October 2019

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European Bioplastics Research Network Event No. 1 - 24th June 2020

Here you can find all presentations and a collection of questions & answers from the first European Bioplastics Research Event, organised virtually on the 24th June by HAW Hamburg.


  1. “Bio-based Plastics Research and Innovation Ambitions of European Commission”, Dr. Silvia Maltagliati, European Commission

Silvia Maltagliati.pdf

  1. “View of Bio-based Plastics Research and its European Funding from a Networking Perspective”, Christian Schulz, EUROPEAN BIOPLASTICS e.V.

Christian Schulz.pdf

  1. “Policy Research and Bio-based Plastics at the Institute European Environmental Policy (IEEP)”, Dr. Andrew Farmer, IEEP

Andrew Farmer.pdf

Session 1: Past HORIZON 2020 Projects

  1. Lessons learned from BIO4SELF “Bio-based Self-Reinforced Composites Based on PLA” , Dr. Guy Buyle, CENTEXBEL, Spain

Guy Buyle.pdf

  1. Lessons learned from POLYBIOSKIN, Maria-Beatrice Coltelli, INSTM-UNIPI, Italy

Maria-Beatrice Coltelli.pdf

Session 2: Current HORIZON 2020 Projects

  1. BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE “Sustainable Solutions for Bio based Plastics on Land and Sea”, Dr. Jelena Barbir, HAW HAmburg, Germany

Jelena Barbir.pdf

  1. SEALIVE “Strategies of Circular Economy and Advanced Bio-based Solutions to Keep our Lands and Seas Alive from Plastic Contamination” , Miriam Gallur Blanca, ITENE, Spain

Miriam Gallur.pdf

  1. ECOXY “Bio-based Recyclable, Reshapable and Repairable Epoxy Composites”, Dr. Aratz Genua, CIDETEC, Spain

Aratz Genua.pdf

Questions & Answers