The BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE project created the Policy Framework to illustrate how the project will contribute to the EU policy recommendations for bio-based plastics systems of toys, cutlery, packaging, agricultural mulch film, and aquatic equipment.

The framework evidences the scale perspective of the bio-based plastic policies on four levels. The macro-level considers the stakeholder engagement process, the industry level is related to the bio-based plastic strategies, the organisations level unveils the key value chain suppliersĀ“ industrial and managerial bio-based plastic practices, and the individual level looks into the sustainable consumption and plastic destination.

The policy framework for BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE is ultimately expected to generate a white paper containing policy recommendations created by the technical reports on biodegradable and compostable solutions, business strategies and scenarios for a circular economy and measures required to allow the safe use of bio-based plastic materials.

Find below policy documents published within the project: