18. Jan 2024

The new BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE engagement tool

What is your opinion on disposable cutlery?

Our colleagues from Prospex Institute have created an online tool where they would love to find out how disposable cutlery is perceived by the general public. The survey is embedded between interesting facts on single- and multi-use cutlery, promising novel products that have been developed in BIO-PLASTIS EUROPE project, as well as a short quiz.
The virtual engagement tool is located on PI’s website, where other similar tools with different topics can be found as well. If you follow the link provided below, you will be directed to the survey on disposable cutlery, and afterwards you can further explore the other tools available in Prospex Institute’s e-Lab. The data gathered will be visualized and made publicly available on their website.

Find the engagement tool including the survey here: https://bioplastics.prospex-institute.org/

Embark on a journey to learn something new and contribute by sharing your valuable opinions and preferences! Your feedback holds immense significance for the BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE project, where we are shaping exciting green technologies. Let's make this exploration an enjoyable experience and collectively work towards shaping a more sustainable future for disposable cutlery!