11. Jan 2022

Meet our partners: TUHH

Inaugurating BIO-PLASTICS Partner Introduction series in 2022, we introduce you to our team at the Hamburg University of Technology, Germany.

Pictured: Prof. Dr. -Ing Kerstin Kuchta, Zhi Kai Chong and Anja Bernhardt

Starting 2022, we continue our #BPEPartner series introducing you to the Hamburg University of Technology (TU Hamburg), most precisely: the Research Group Sustainable Resource and Waste Management.

The TU Hamburg team consists of Prof. Dr. -Ing Kerstin Kuchta, vice-president of TU Hamburg, with many years of experience leading research in waste treatment technologies, polymer recycling and sustainable development; Zhi Kai Chong, who plans and executes the research activities and experiments for a circular plastic management system; and Anja Bernhardt, who ensures efficient management of the project and its staff.

Together, the three of them are working to improve the circularity of materials and sustainable bio-resources. In this project, they are contributing valuable expertise in waste management and treatment systems in order to find the best circular solution for biodegradable bio-based plastics. In addition, they are analyzing the behavior of the materials developed within the project in composting environments in their lab in Hamburg as well as by engaging with key stakeholders in the waste management industry. An overview of their composting experiment undertaken for BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE can be found here.

Our TU Hamburg team aims for a future where materials as sustainably designed, managed, used and treated to retain their value, and in parallel minimise waste and pollution. They are contributing to this by engaging in various national and international projects that identify strongly with the circular economy, e.g. for plastic packaging, construction and demolition waste, bio-economy and metal recovery.

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