11. Dec 2023

Meet our partners: HENG HIAP INDUSTRIES

Established in 2002, HHI is an integrated plastic recycling company that collects 60,000 metric tons of plastic scrap within Malaysia annually. In Malaysia's fragmented recycling industry, HHI stands out for manufacturing and customizing superior recycled plastic resins for use in a variety of finished products. As a fully integrated recycling company in Malaysia, it stands out for its contribution to accelerating the development of the country's smart waste solutions space that promotes circular economy-based sustainable practices.

Within the BIO-PLACTICS EUROPE project, the HHI team is actively involved in WP4. As the only BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE partner from outside of Europe, HHI bring a different perspective from an industrial player’s point of view from the SEA region. Their contribution includes sharing experience, conducting stakeholder interviews and collecting literature to assist the development of integrated systems, which can increase the efficiency of plastic waste collection, recycling and minimizing littering.

The team consists of Mr. Kian Seah, the founder of HHI and Project Lead; Mr. Peter Jee, who has 20 years of combined expertise in printing assembly for an electronic manufacturer, plastic injection molding operations, and plastic materials reprocessing; Ms. Ru Shien, a chemical engineer at HHI and Mr. Teng who has 5 years of experience in the recycling market.

With this post, we conclude our Meet our Partners series within the BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE project. We hope you have enjoyed learning more about each of our consortium members and thank you for following us along our four year project journey.