27. May 2021

BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE was present at this year’s Hamburg Innovation Summit!

On 20.05.2021, HAW project manager Cintia Nunes presented BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE in a Deep Dive session of this year’s Hamburg Innovation Summit, which had more than 1.300 attendees in total.

The Summit is an interactive platform for innovation transfer, building bridges between research, industry, policymaking and citizens. As a Horizon 2020 project, BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE felt just at home, since the European Union’s goal with this programme is to bring science and industry together to tackle societal challenges through innovation.

One of the main important points touched upon the presentation was conveying information on important terms which are often left not explained, such as “bio-based”, “biodegradable”, “compostable”. Ms. Nunes also presented three experiments undertaken by the project partners which were features in the 3rd issue of the project Newsletter and are available here.

After her presentation, questions from the audience were answered. This closed the day for the Leuchtturm virtual room.