16. Aug 2021

BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE releases Instagram filter “protection”

How does the virtual filter work?

Step 1. Visit our Instagram profile (@bioplastics_eu) and select the three stars (seen below);

Step 2. Create a new story using your front-facing camera;

Step 3. Apply our BPE Instagram filter “protection”, choosing from four different types of face masks: cotton mask, medical mask, FFP2 mask, and bio-based plastic (PLA) mask.

What is the filter “protection” showing?

Our Instagram filter “protection” adds the chosen virtual type of face mask to your face. Inhale through your mouth, exhale through your nose.

While inhaling through your mouth you will see how many virus particles are passing the face mask material, potentially entering your respiratory system. This visualization is giving you an idea how well the face mask protects you from getting infected with SARS-CoV-2 (self-protection). This so called Total Inwards Leakage (TIL) will also be quantified above your head. The higher the number and the less particles passing the face mask, the higher the self-protection potential of the mask.

While exhaling through your nose the amount of virus particles passing the face mask material to the outside is visualized. The lower the number of particles around you, the better the protective level of your face mask (third-party-protection). This so called Filtration Efficiency (FE) will also appear as a number above your head. If you see many particles floating around, the mask is not very effective and the risk of infecting people around you will increase even though you are wearing a face mask.

Have a look, explore different face masks and let us know about your experiences!