16. Aug 2021

BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE releases Instagram filter “protection”

The COVID-19 pandemic seems more under control in Europe than one year ago, and social life consequently appears less restricted in many countries.

However, the pandemic isn’t over yet, and face masks remain an important public health measure to control COVID-19 transmission in the upcoming autumn and winter months. With easing restrictions, you may get to make an active choice when it comes to wearing different face mask types. You can choose between cotton masks, medical masks, FFP masks, or bio-based (PLA) masks.

But do you have all information needed to make an informed decision weighing the pros and cons of each mask type?

BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE wants to support your choice!

An Instagram filter developed by BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE’s team at HAW Hamburg aims at supporting an informed decision making when it comes to different face masks’ potentials of transmission control and sustainability. Both aspects can be explored for different face mask types using the filter options “protection” (filter 1) and “biodegradability” (filter 2, to be released next week).