Towards Zero Plastic Waste in Historic Cities

First VIRTUAL MEETING of the network of "Historic Cities against Plastic Waste" (HISCAP)
17th September 2020, 10 - 12 CET

This is the first event of the recently established network of “Historic Cities against Plastic Waste”. Historic cities are especially vulnerable to the plastic pollution: their aged infrastructure, thousands of daily visitors and tourists call for action in minimizing plastic waste therein. The Virtual Meeting „Towards Zero Plastic Waste in Historical Cities“ will bring together representatives of various stakeholders in the value chain in order to discuss this issue, share the developments and best practices so that the current network of Historic Cities against Plastic Waste, as well as any cities beyond it, get closer to find a solutions to the issues caused by plastic pollution.
The meeting is open and free of charge for all HISCAP members, BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE partners, and relevant stakeholders. Join the event in order to learn from the experience of different municipalities, start-up and plastic deposit handling companies, as well as plastic waste recycling companies who will join us to share with us their good practices. Also, participants will have the opportunity to engage in live discussions with our speakers. Please check the programme of the meeting: